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Reflection from Lisa C. Moreno

Corona virus healing !

I Just got a call from Annette’s son , Annette has had the corona virus. I have never met him
But know a lot of his family . This conversation brought me to tears.
Listen to this…
We started praying for Annette days ago.
I posted for prayer. You guys prayed with us.
A pastor friend messaged me
“Get her this medicine ASAP “
I messaged the family the name and they were on it .
Me and my Intercessor friends got on a video chat with the family and the power of God hit these men.
On their knees they prayed to Jesus.
They were shaking the presence of God was all
Over them . And during this prayer time the medicine was approved of to give it to her quick !
Annette’s son said to me tonight
Of the 9 different kinds of coronavirus she had the worst one of all of them the most dangerous one. She was dying . The Lord came through once again and her numbers have turned around oxygen level has changed she no longer needs help to breathe. She’s getting stronger the medicine was given along with prayers.

He then said “ Lisa remember when you prayed for my son when he was a newborn ?”
I said yes
My friend his aunt and I starting praying
Because his new born baby had E. coli and meningitis both. He explained to me tonight the severity of what really happened that I did not know.
At three weeks old it was so bad that people were dying in Stanford hospital from being this sick grown men and children and no one as sick as he was lives through it three spinal taps they took the fluid out he was very sick but kept his happiness his dad said. After we prayed glory to God
It went from a 30 day stay …, to the next day no symptoms . They redid all the tests and the doctors were dumbfounded and couldn’t find a trace of either sickness in the babies body.
Tonight I heard this man praising the name of Jesus giving God all the glory saying he’s real he’s real. :raised_hands:t4::fire::fire::fire: I am crying as he speaking praising God with this family. So thank you for praying for Annette many lives have been changed continue to pray for her she’s so much better but we pray for complete wholeness in our friend Annette amen 

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Praise God. I can feel them from here. “When everything else fails, prayer works.” These words came across my mind while reading your testimony. I honor you guys for continuously praying and most of all, for believing in your prayers. It is such an awesome feeling to witness God’s miracles in what is happening to our world today.

Prayer is indeed the most effective medicine! Nothing can beat the power of a prayer! Praise the Lord God, He hears all of our prayers! One simple prayer can mean the whole world to a person.