PRAY, Because GOD Listens

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Now more than ever, we should pray that these hard times will draw us closer to God. The older we get, the more challenging life becomes. God hears our prayers even if we are silent. Prayer is one of the most powerful weapons God has given us. It can change lives. Prayers can turn around even the bad for our good. As this crisis happened and everything was shattered, along with our plans and high hopes, we should trust in Him more. His response to our prayers are not always the answers we want, but always trust him because His plans are always better than ours. Pray and keep believing.

This is what God longs from us, to have an open communication with Him. Just like Daniel and his friends who always talks to God and obey all of His commands. God likes when we pray because it signifies our need for our father. It clearly shows our dependence on Him and this is what He wants for His people to do, to bow down and talk to Him, for sure He is eager to listen and not just that He is also ready to answer us.

@Jenny thank you for reminding us that God listens. In this situation, we may think that God did not hear us, because he is silent.
I know it is hard to understand what is really happening, and we can’t fathom the works and ways of God. God is God. He is the Alpha and Omega. He knows everything. All We have to do is wait and see His works.
Always choose CHRIST.

A heartfelt thank you is always a great conversation starter. Like any parent, God loves to see that we have grateful hearts. But more importantly, as we take the time to praise God for all He has done in the past the answered prayers, the impossible situations overcome, the healings and grace our faith to believe for even greater answers to prayer grows stronger and more confident. Praise opens the gates of heaven and should always be part of our alone time with God.

Thank you @Jenny for posting this!
Our hearts long for God’s touch. Communicating with God through prayer makes us feel at ease and we feel God’s presence. All the hardships we are going through are all because God wants us to become stronger especially in fighting our battles. God makes us go through these for us to know that we can do anything with His help. Let us continue praying because God is indeed listening.