Pray for baby Psalm in ICU

Pray for baby Psalm in ICU

Hello brother and sisters in Christ May I please ask for a moment to Pray for my baby in ICU her name Is Psalm she is 14month old she has pneumococcal Pneumonia she is unimmunised and has a collapsed right lung she had CPR the other night and Thank you Lord Jesus she is still here so please send a Prayer of Healing for my baby the power of Prayer is Amazing and I know it will help lift her spirit, thank you

My daughter heart stopped for nearly 2minutes the other night at 11:56pm , The same night I made an effort to get my Prayer across the world… people from Nepal,Norway, America, Pakistan, Korea, India, Mexico, even Argentina the whole 4 corners… we got over 5000 different people of all walks to Pray for Psalms and even though the CPR and Adrenaline didn’t Make her breathe again something did!!! And I truely believe that was the power of prayer and the fact that doctor never gave up :heart::pray:So God Breathed life into her!! I Will be forevermore great full for that moment it is the first time I have truely seen Gods power and now I fear him more than anything in this universe… I’m still tripping out about it really it kind of gives me confirmation that she is going to make a full recovery without the lung damage and brain damage the doctor suspected from lack of oxygen to the brain and lung… never give up no matter what cause He does work if you can keep the faith even when death is staring you in the eyes he can bring you back you just have to comit and have no fear!! even when the machine flatlined I didn’t give up believing and neither did anyone else :pray: Can sleep good now knowing Her will has been made !!! Thank You YHWH

Today we got a visit from a child specialist :innocent: Got some obs done and he said that In the Past 12hours Psalms has exceeded her progress by 50% he even had to double check cause her stats shouldn’t have been so Good LOL they said she is doing so wel it’s amazing we could Be going home in 2-3 days instead of 5… She has no more chords connected except for the nasal prongs and a NG which will come out soon as she has started back on oral food… She is starting to point around and say mama again :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Oh and looking at all the food… feels good to have her back she even kicked a nurse this morning And tried to pull all the wires off herself :joy: You doing well Psalmy Lamy keep it up and we will have another brain scan and X-ray in 2days to see how She is coming along internally xx by the time we leave I believe all the defects are going to be healed aswell, my only real concern is the Heart Murmur which causes seizures long term but that’s what faith is for xx You got this Baby

Pray for your family. Be strengthened in the Lord!