Pray for God's provision

Pray for God's provision

Prayer request from Jimmy Lee

Hey Brother and Sister in Christ, please pray for my mother. She lives at Philippines. She told me that she has been fasting for 15 days because she doesn’t have food to eat and she cannot go outside because of the Coronavirus. Pray for my mother that The Lord will provide the things she needs. Thanks and God bless :heart::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Lord God I pray for you to bless this person we know that you are our provider all are comes from you and you know all his needs I pray to you all people suffer in this pandemic crisis bless them all and guide them and teach them how to trust you in Jesus name we pray Amen.

Hi there Jimmy. Where exactly in the Philippines is your mom located? For we may have good Samaritans here in our community that might can help.

Almighty God, it is difficult to see Jimmy’s mom unable to eat and buy food for 15days now due to this pandemic. We ask You to give her daily bread today (Matthew 6:11) and end her persistent hunger. Provide the food she need enable to grow and thrive.

Pour out also Your grace on all hungry families around the globe Lord, especially those parents straining to feed their children despite dwindling resources. May you hear all our prayers. In Jesus name we pray. Amen.

Our Abba Father who is in heaven we humbly come to your throne of grace, we recognize your lordship over us. Lord you are our great provider, today we are praying for provision for the mother of Jimmy Lee. Just like how commanded the ravens to feed Elijah in the mountains, we ask that through your loving hands use somebody to provide food and the things that she needs. Lord we know that nothing is impossible with you, here our prayers Father, have mercy on us. We thank you Father for sustaining mother for the 15 days that she did not have the supplies she needed. Thank you for giving her the strength and may you continue to bless her Father. All these we ask in the mighty name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ… AMEN…

Yes, it has been a struggle here in the Philippines in getting our daily necessities. Where in the Philippines is your mother located? Here in our city we have an online grocery app that can surely help. God bless you!

@jimmy Lee Prayers up for your mother.

May the lord bless her. May the people around her be the blessing to her. I know its hard to get any resources right now especially the food. if you dont have the money you can’t buy what you need. But the Government right now is doing their best to help the filipino people. Lord help everyone in this country. Shower us the blessings and resources on us so we can help not only the poor people but also our frontliners to save someones life.

Hello, for the brother Jimmy Lee
I’ll pray with your for your mother! Have faith and don’t worry about a thing!
Dear Father, remember your son Jimmy and his mother, remember her and help her trough this time of need. Give her faith and resolve to find solutions, give her prosperity and opportunities to fill her hunger. Give her heat and love in these times of social distance. Dear God protect her from the virus. With you everything is possible. Do as your will dictates, that I’m sure will always be the best. Amen.
Kind regards, Luis Guerrero

Hi Jimmy! God never sleeps. He knows our needs before we even ask for it. He is the greatest provider. I am praying for your mom. I know that God will tap His people to help her during this crisis. May she be blessed with everything she needs. Matthew 6:33 “But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.” God bless!

bro,@jimmy lee, that is sad to hear, im just worried is she from the far flung areas? theres a lot of programs that the government is doing for our citizens, but that is unfortunate that maybe she doesnt received any from their municipality. i dont want want to blame anybody,… and what you did was good you posted it here so we could help your mom in prayer that somebody may reached out to her. or rather someone may help to coordinate and call the attention of the in charged in their area… lets pray keep praying for her health. GOD BLESS

Father God in Heaven,

I pray for your provision to Jimmy Lee’s mother.
I pray for your grace and mercy.
For you are our good good Father. You let the sun shines and sets for all your creation.
So let Jimmy’s mother have an overflow provision of food, finances as well excellent health from you.

Send people to help him.

In Jesus name! Amen

Thank you to this Prayer🙏. I’ll extend also prayer to your Mom ‘‘Jimmy Lee’’.Almighty Father, our provider may you send a good samaritan people to this women. God I knew that a fasting deed is a blessing because it is remembrance of you. With that in mind, Lord this women in thirsty and in hungry is glorified by you. And I believe you will always provide to those in need. Amen🙏