Pray for me ~

Precious Prayer Warriors I am back again…I ask if you will pray for Antonella… She is in desperate need for prayers… Her doctors told her she has breast cancer. She just had surgery in her arm that was cancerous. Her name is Antonella, I am asking for prayer for her. Tonight she looked so tired and said she is so weak. Antonella is one who continually is laughing making jokes and is truly a gem of a person who truly believes her cup is 1/2 full not 1/2 empty… But this time seeing her on video it was difficult for her to smile and she said with all these tests and what they are finding I am getting a little scare. Will you please pray for her that God perform a miracle on her body with all of these cancers that are popping up with each test she has… I thank you so much… you all have been praying for my pastor and his family and I thank you soSO much… I pray that God surround you precious ones with all of your wishes your needs and fill your heart with blessings of joy. Thank you