Pray for my daughter(Mikayla) to be freed from the demonic possession

Prayer request from Heather White

I need prayer for my 16yr old daughter. She has shut down on life and is so depressed. She has lost all worth and confidence in herself.

She will not take part in anything and will not do counseling. I worry for her and am told until she hirts herself or someone else there is nothing anyone can do.

Please pray she is freed from the demonic possession that is trying to kill her. Her name is mikayla.

Hello Sister Heather White, my prayers are with you and your daughter Mikayla

Lord, please “open Mikayla’s eyes and turn them from darkness to light, and from the power of Satan to God, so that they may receive forgiveness of sins and a place among those who are sanctified by faith in You” (Acts 26:18).

As we pray, God readies our hearts to do His will, while also inviting us to rest in the fact that only He can change hearts. Don’t give up praying for you and Mikayla. Remember, we are engaged in a spiritual battle (Ephesians 6:12-20), and one of our greatest weapons is prayer. God is in the business of doing the impossible, and He can change even the hardest of hearts. Amen.

Hello there Heather White. Your daughter and my daughter has the same name but Mikayla was her second name…Anyway, my prayers for you Mikayla.

Lord, we come to You today to ask for help for Mikayla. Help her to turn to You and stop doing the wrong thing and start trusting in your goodness towards her life. Give her wisdom, hope, and peace. Please help her to turn her thoughts to You every single time this black depression tries to descend upon her. Amen.

Hello Heather White,

Prayers Up for Her,
Lord Jesus you are the way the truth and the life, Lord God i know that you love this world, Please heal Mikayla.
Please do a faster recovery with her. Show the love using your disciples in this earth.
And also ill pray for her parents that they will not give up on this situation give them the source that they will be need. You are the healer Lord God. Touch Her heart and we know that everything will be okay. In Jesus Name AMEN.

Hello Heather white. Just trust God and always pray to God.

Lord Jesus I pray to you mikayla who has suffer I rebuke all the evil doing in his life God please help her we know that you can do all things and we trust in you for the life of mikayla give her parents courage to face this problems in Jesus name Amen.

I have been there before. Living like that was very very hard. I pray to the Lord God that Mikayla may see the goodness of the Lord. I pray she may see how amazing this world can be despite the many challenges. May the Lord God give her strength to fight this battle with depression, may He guide her to a better path.

Father God,

I pray for Mikayla. Remember her and her mother’s cry.

You are the only God I know who is great deliver. As you are the Yahweh who delivered Israelites during in Exodus from slavery in Egypt. So do it again… in the life of Mikayla. Have mercy.

You are not limited by time and space. In the name of Jesus I pray for your divine visitation to Mikayla. Let her encounter you as the great deliverer.

Have mercy Oh God. Protect your purpose and plan for her. She is still young. Have your way. Your kingdom come and your will be done in the in the life of this lady. Enough is enough for the enemy! I rebuke the enemy who is assigned and done these afflictions to her. Leg the consuming fire of God consumed everything that is not yours in the lives of this lady.

Thank You Father that you are the way maker and the great deliver. Thank you for mercy.

In Jesus Name! Amen.

Prayers … although I believe this one requires prayer and fasting … in Jesus’ name

Hello, dear miss Heather White
Don’t loose faith and hope, this fight against that devil is one where you need to be by the side of your daughter, she needs you! Even if she denies or doesn’t respond to your helps, keep insisting, she needs you even if she doesn’t want to admit it! I will pray for her with you.
Dear God, help you daughter Mikayla, she needs you, she’s in pain emotionally and physically, she’s fighting against a devil who doesn’t let her be her true self, bless her and give her faith, to keep praying to keep fighting to not loose hope! Bless her mother too, Heather, and give her all the strength she needs to help her daughter. Always be by their side, get the people they need to help with the situation. With you everything is possible Lord! Amen.
Kind regards, Luis Guerrero

I pray for this child for healing. Please God protect her from darkness. Lead him to your side and show her the light. Lord we ask for forgiveness on her behalf. Lord thank you for everything in jesus name. Amen

Hi Heather White! We pray for you daughter, Mikayla. May we always remember that God is always by our side and He has plans for us. We pray that God touches Mikayla’s heart and free her from all evil. May God heal her from all the pain she is enduring and may He guide her to the right path. Amen.

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