Pray for Rosana Cesar, my niece, almost a month ago she had a surgery to remove cysts

Please help us pray for Rosana Cesar, my niece, almost a month ago she had a surgery to remove cysts, then the doctor found out that she has malign cancer, he said the option is to do an ASAP surgery to remove her uterus and ovaries and hopefully she won’t need quimotbherapy, our prayers is for God’s healing, victory over cancer, and God’s hands to use the doctors to help her. Thank you! By Fatima Skaggs

Stan Skaggs

Praying for her and all the family as well.

Eddie Dickard

Prayers of healing in the precious Name of Jesus

Ersa Welch

Nancy Jones

Lord your will be done

Valerie Craig


Adrian Harris

Prayers coming her way for a miracle cure.

Sandy Fero McIntyre

Sending prayers!

Mary Brookd

UPDATE about my niece Rosana, her sister Aline sent me a message this evening asking me to thank y’all for the prayers, she said what God did for Rosana yesterday morning was truly a miracle! she said Rosana was very pale, had anemia and was loosing blood, she said it could feel the pocket of blood down on her stomach and the doctors asked for 2 tomography to try to find out where the blood was coming from, then 3 doctors had a meeting to talk about Rosana’s case, and their plan was to open her surgery to fix the hemorrhage. That was when Aline asked for prayers, Aline said it was thru God’s miracle that the possible hemorrhage had stopped, Rosana’s face got some color by the night and her anemia numbers started going up. Today Rosana ate a little, she hasn’t ate for 4 days, she didn’t throw up, and she is anxious to go home. Doctors said if she keeps improving they will move her from the intensive care to the room. Let’s continue pray for God’s miracle healing that she won’t need chemo as doctors already said she will need it, also prayers for her emotional. We serve one God that is omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent, Rosana is in Brazil, but thru our prayers God is doing work on her. Thank y’all so much! Blessings to y’all
by Fatima Skaggs.

Stan Skaggs