Pray for Wuhan

Pray for Wuhan

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Father, may you show mercy to us and heal this land. In Jesus name, I pray.

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AMEN, pray for God’s healing and protection. also pray for china, more people can know Jesus God:pray::pray::pray:

God father, I pray for Wuhan earnestly. Please have mercy on this city and protect more people from the virus. Father, I repent before you on behalf of my people, we should have fear for you and this nature. I want to humble myself before you, please show your mercy to us. I pray for China which is my country. I pray for all Chinese people who are my people. Please see my tear and save us. Hope more people return to you in front of disaster. Thank you. Pray in Jesus’s name:pray::pray:

Let’s pray for all of the people working hard to protect people from disease: medical staff, researchers, government officials, the folks conducting screenings at airports, etc.

  1. Pray, repent, confess, and pray for Wuhan and our country to stop the plague as soon as possible.
  2. Pray for decision-makers in our country to make sensible, reasonable and appropriate control measures to prevent the spread of the epidemic.
  3. Pray for medical and scientific personnel in China and around the world, and ask God to give them inspiration so that they can develop medicines for prevention and treatment and put them on the front line of the epidemic quickly.
  4. Pray for the relevant departments of the Wuhan government, asking God to make them wise and capable to do all epidemic prevention work, adequately supply the people’s livelihood needs, and show awe of life. This minimized the loss of life and property in Wuhan during this epidemic.
  5. Pray for sufficient medical and protective supplies in Wuhan hospitals; ask God to keep the doctors from giving them physical and mental strength, and ask God to keep them safe from viruses; and pray for their health and family safety.
  6. Pray for the staff who are busy at the frontline of the epidemic day and night, and ask God to give them strength, strength, peace of mind and healthy body.
  7. Pray for two viral pneumonia hospitals currently under construction in Wuhan and more medical wards.
  8. Repent to God for everything that offends the church in Wuhan and does not please God. Unite for the church in Wuhan, become stronger and firmer in the face of the epidemic, and yearn to pray for God! Pray for Christians to preach the Gospel more enthusiastically, to bring people back to the Lord, and to bear witness to the Lord.
  9. Pray for all isolated patients and their families, for all patients and their families who are suspected or diagnosed and still isolated at home, and for patients and their families who must go to the hospital for various diseases.
  10. Pray for all kinds of materials donated by domestic and overseas, governments, institutions or individuals to support the epidemic prevention frontline, and ask God to make these materials smoothly reach the designated department or individual. May the Lord remember their dedication, love, and labor.
  11. Pray for the church and the church in Wuhan, and between the people and the people, in the face of the epidemic: Pray for mutual emotional support, mutual material support, and spiritual mutual support system, so that there is love and affection among people, and Live a good character.
  12. Pray for the physical, mental, spiritual, health, and spiritual provision of members and family members in their respective churches. Also ask God to give the church shepherds the wisdom, strategy, and how to pastor the church at this particular time.

From wuhan church in china. :pray::pray::pray: