Prayer: Drawing me near you, O Lord

Dear Lord:

I come to you with a humble heart today.

You are the truth itself. Your Word is supply of my life. I enjoy the air, sunshine, water what you give me every day, I breath by your grace every second, every minute, every hour. I thank you for all of it!

It is through your only son Jesus I know the truth of life. As you taught the disciples Simeon, John, Jacob, Andrew the truth near the sea in Galilee, I ask you teach me as well as you did for them. Let me know how you were planted in the field of this darkness world, and then risen up as a mustard seed of life, and then many eyes see it.

Lord, I confess that many times I can not fix my focus on you by distractions, I pray for helping me with giving my attention to you always and drawing me near you. Then I can become more like Jesus.

Thank you again for giving me your only son Jesus!
In Jesus’ name! amen

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Amen! :yellow_heart: Thank you Lord God for everything you have given to us. Thank you for your endless blessings. We know that life has been very rough, we will not give up because we know we are with you. Lord God ever Almighty guide us all!

Hello, dear @Ma_Josephine
Amen to that! Lovely prayer. I liked a lot this part:

It resonates with me a lot! I want to be more closer to God, to talk more with him, to feel him by my side more! I’m sure with his blessing and love it will happen to both of us.
Kind regards, Luis Guerrero.