Prayer for my daughter Rhea

Please help me pray for my daughter Rhea to follow the righteous path of life. She’s lost right now and we are praying for her guidance and be with God and back to a righteous normal life. My husband and I are broken hearted but keep on praying for her to change in mind, body and heart. I have faith and hope with God, prayers can move mountain, we knew deep in our hearts that there’s still hope and time for her to change. Please pray for her and us. Thank you


Dear @grateful60, Welcome and thank you for sharing your prayer. We all here pray for Rhea, God will guide and protect her His best way and reveal His glory through her life. God, please be with @grateful60 family and strengthen them to overcome this time with you.

Dear God, our most powerful and most high Lord and Savior, we praise you! We ask, Lord, to guide @grateful60’s daughter, Rhea, as she goes through a phase in her life that we feel may not be a good one. We know as humans, sometimes we get lost and confused, that is why we desperately need you, Lord. Guide her and give her the strength to choose the right path. In Jesus’ name, AMEN!

Here is a wonderful message to live by:

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Hello, dear @grateful60
Welcome to this community! I hope you enjoy your time here. Now, you are very right! Praying can move mountains and what better way than praying with friends and fellow believers, this is the right place for you. Keep praying and keep talking with your daughter! God will help you my sister.
Dear Lord, remember Rhea, she needs to see your light and love to find her way, sometimes we get lost, but only your path has light on it, so Rhea will come back to you, bless her and look after her, her mother and father are praying and acting to getting her on the right track, I know with you help and love it will be done. Amen.
Kind regards, Luis Guerrero.

@grateful60 Dear Lord in heaven we praise you we lift up your name on high, we bring our sister in Christ down at your feet oh Lord, continue to embrace her and be with her always. Right now, she’s in dark path continue to enlighten her path, please use someone who can guide her back to you. Show her your power your kindness and love. This we ask in your sweet mighty name Jesus amen

Hi @grateful60! Welcome to the community.
Let us all pray for @grateful60’s daughter, Rhea. May the Lord shower her with strength and touch her mind with God’s grace. May the Lord guide her every step of the way and lead her to the right path. Remove all worry and doubt from Rhea’s parents and believe in the Lord. May we lift everything up to You and let us continue praying for their daughter. Amen.

Hello @grateful60 Yes nothing is impossible to God! Just keep trusting in Him. Lord, I know the daugther of @grateful60 is struggling. Please come alongside her and provide Your love, grace and guidance. I pray for Your strength, guidance and wisdom for her I know You have the ability to change or transform anyone, so I just lift her up to You today. In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.