Prayer for or my Daughters

Prayer for or my Daughters

Plz pray for my daughters :pray: they have been distant for yrs and always verbally attack each other in a nasty way and now things have gotten out of hand plz Pray with me for my family to come back in Love


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Dear Lord God, please guide @Ask’s two lovely daughters, they may have misunderstandings and issues against one another but I know Lord God that your power and love are way bigger and more powerful than their fight. Give them the wisdom and strength, Lord God, to fight the hatred they have against each other, open their eyes to see good in each other. Amen.

Ty so much for the prayer continue to pray for my family and I will pray fo all of us In Jesus :pray: ne

In Jesus name :pray:

@Ask: Hello there Ma’am Debra…this is so timely as this is also happening to my two sisters as of today. And the most upsetting moment is seeing my mom crying because of them. Anyway, my prayers are for you and to my sisters too…

Lord, in the most ordinary moments of our life, show us that you are always with us. By your infinite grace, may we grow in love, forgiveness and understanding one another. May you help the daughters of Ma’am Debra and my siblings too to realize that what matters most is the gift of one another, not the material possessions and comforts in life. May you touch and heal their hearts in order that they can forgive each other and set aside insecurities. Amen…

Hello, dear @Ask
I see this is your first post on Faith Pixel! Welcome! I hope you find a good place to share your faith over here.
I’ll pray with you for your daughters!
Dear Lord remember your daughter @ask and her daughters, they are in need of reminding the true love that unites them! Bless them and help them find the true way to forgiveness, of understanding and love that is your nature and your first mandament! You are love, give them faith to look for you and resolve her problems!

Hi @Ask Welcome to the community!
Dear Lord, at these hard times, may you rekindle the relationship of her daughters. May they both feel love and a sense of companionship. May they be given strength to find one another and ask for forgiveness. We pray that they look beyond both faults and help them realize the true meaning of family. May you touch their hearts and bless them. Amen.

Prayers up to your Daughters. I know Jesus is our Savior please guide her two daughters.
Save them father God and bring more closer to her family. Please heal them Lord God , heal the hatred inside them. Show them Lord God the right way and make them realize that they are all Love by you and their family.
In your Mighty Name Amen!

My Family too expiriencing like that
Lord God, Heavenly Father, Jesus our Lord and Savior, Please grant blessing over my family. We are in a state of crisis, yet we continue to act like everything is normal. We need you, Lord God, Heavenly Father to rescue us from our dispare. Please grant us peace in our home. Help us to recognize the needs, respect the struggles, and support each other through this trying time. Help us to think before we judge. Help us to put ourselves in eachother’s places. Help us to recognize the struggles that each of us face daily through our acts and thoughts of compassion and empathy. Help care for one another through your grace and love.May we love one another as you love us. With your guidance and strength, I plead for you to help us replace negative thoughts, action and words by reframing and rephrasing them. May we appreciate and recognize the daily acts of love and kindness that we experience and express our love for each other without fear. Help us heal our wounds, both physical and emotional, through your guidance. Amen

Lord God Almighty we come to you today asking for your divine mercy, to pray for the daughters of Ms. @Ask. Lord we are humbling ourselves believing that we are nothing without you father. We cannot do anything to change others to become better, we cannot do anything to patch up broken relationships, but you are the God of the broken, you are the God who heals. We are lifting up their lives to you that they may realize that you are more than whatever they are feeling inside. Father God may you replace anger with love, hatred with compassion, and bitterness with realization that having a sister is a gift from you oh Lord. Father in the name of Jesus Christ we surrender everything to you. Amen.

We are praying for you and your daughters.

Dear Lord, bring hope to her children who have lost everything to conflict.
May they find peace in You and courage to rebuild their lives and relationship.
We ask that you guide her daughters in your Providence back
to a better and more loving way.
Please help them to bury anger and return to the seed of our love.
Please help them to value each other as you value them.
Do not let envy or pride take root in their hearts.
Keep them from dealing rudely or angrily with each other.
Help them forgive wholly and completely not letting grudges
or bitterness sour their hearts against each other.
Lord, help her children protect their family ties, trust each other, hope for the best for each other, and persevere in building each other together in love and truth
(1 Corinthians 13:4-8). In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Hi @Ask! Welcome to the community!

Lord God, we thank you for the gift of family. We know very well that satan wants to tear our families apart. But Lord, you already won against satan. I am claiming your victory as I pray for @Ask & her daughters, may you come into their hearts. Fill them with love and mercy. Help them to forgive each other. Guide them so that they may learn to keep loving each other despite of their indifference. This I ask in your most holy name, amen.

Lord I pray for this family to give and spread love upon them. They have beautiful angels please guide them to give love on each other no matter what they are still sisters and they must love each other.