Prayer: GOD, I ask you draw me closer to you


Dear God:

These days I experienced many difficult situations and circumstances. And I even lost appetite for your Words. Some people experiencing joy, some people experiencing failure, some people experiencing success, some people experiencing rejoice, but I am the one who is experiencing bitterness both spiritually and healthily. I ask you send some angels to help me draw me closer to you, even some warm words, it will be a great support and help for me. Thank you, I pray all this in my savior Jesus’ name!


Hello, dear @Ma_Josephine
I’ll pray for and with you!
Dear God, remember us, remember your children, we know you’re always working for us, we know you loves, we just need to be reminded of your love, it may sound selfish, but that’s how much your love matters for us. I trust you and know you will support us. Amen.
Kind regards, Luis Guerrero

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thank you. May I can recover soon. May God bless

@Ma_Josephine hello my sister in Christ, i hope you are doing fine, may our Lord God embrace you and you may feel the warmth of His hands. Dear Lord God in heaven i know you hear our prayers, I am praying for my sister in christ down at your feet Oh Our Jehovah Rapah, please heal her spiritually emotionally, and physically She very needs you at this moment, May she sees you and hear you in her heart at this very moment. thank you in the mighty name of Jesus amen

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Hello, @Ma_Josephine
Thank you for sharing this, I pray for you that God will answer soon your prayer and give you the strength to go through this hardship with His strong hand. I believe that God is with you and He will let you know the meaning of this period when you trust him every single day in His plan. Amen.