PRAYER is the most effective weapon of all the trials we experience in life

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Prayer is one of the most powerful weapons God has given us so much that all the armors of our warfare hangs on, or activated by, prayer(Ephesians 6:18).Not only it help us can overcome temptation, prayer is very effective against the devils. The power of prayer does not come how long you are in church or whether you sit or stand when you pray. All God wants is to give our hearts with full commitment and that our motives to be pure about our praying to him .According to God’s will, every time we pray full devotion and purposefully, God responds powerfully!

Hi @Jenny!
Prayer may be in the form of protection, peace, or blessing in life. Prayer is so powerful because it does not only strengthen our faith in God, but it strengthens our spirit as a human being. Living in this world is a challenge and we should do all good to survive. Let us pray to the Lord for every trial we go through and seek for strength. Every prayer will be answered in God’s time.

@Jenny Jesus will hear you Jesus will answer you if you will pray. Every word utters from our mouth is a form of prayer. No formulas no individuals we need to contact in order to talk to Him. Just one prayer away. And for us to hear his respond we need to read the bible.