Prayer: O, Lord! Let I be a peaceful light carrier to the world

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Dear Lord, thank you for sending Jesus your only beloved son onto this world 2020 years ago. Jesus Christ is the living bread of man’s life. He met a blind man from birth and restored his sight 2020 years ago and said its God’s grace and work. We are blind for the truth as similar as that man nowadays. But by receiving Jesus as the living bread of life on the earth, a new way is opened for us. Then we are no longer slaves of sins, but become the sons of almighty God.

I believe Jesus is my redeemer, forever!

I believe Jesus is my deliverer, forever!

I believe Jesus is the light, forever!

O, Lord! Thank you again for lifting me up in the dust and death, I ask you for helping me being a peaceful light carrier to the world and let many blind man see your light shine in the darkness! In Jesus name


Almighty God, we know that everything is in Your sovereign control. We ask that You keep this new coronavirus from continuing to spread. Give government officials the ability to safely handle people arriving from other countries. Help people decide to stay home instead of traveling or going out needlessly. Holy Spirit, remind people to wash their hands properly. And while it may be heartbreaking, comfort families as they decide to keep their distance from elderly or other high-risk family members.

Father, we seek Your wisdom daily. Be with people making decisions that affect the lives and futures of our families, communities, countries, and the wider world. We pray that they communicate clearly, truthfully, and calmly with each other and with the public and that their messages are received and heeded. May truth and empathy be the touchstones of people setting policies for our protection.

Lord God, thank you for every blessing you have showered upon us. Despite our since and bad ways, you still chose to Love us. Thank you for believing in us, Lord God. Teach us to be like you, kind, understanding, and patient.