Prayer of the day

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Thank you Lord for another day upon the earth, for your eternal love, for the breath in my lungs and spirit in my body.

Thank you for all the provision you give me, like the mana in the desert is always enough.

Thank you for the abundance and blessings you give me yesterday, today and forever. You take me in your hand guarding me from evil both seen and unseen.

You are my protector, master, father, brother and friend. Guiding me through every challenge I face, showing me favour and blessing in exchange for my faith.

Lord I pray we recognise the blessings and provision you give us all in life, even every breath and second upon the earth is a gift.

I pray Lord that we shine the same love and word you have given us, upon the world around us. Illuminating the way for the lost to find salvation, while bringing glory to your name.

In Jesus name Amen.

Deano Burton-Hooper