Prayer of the day

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Prayer of the day Thank you Lord for another day upon the earth, for your eternal love, for the breath in my lungs and spirit in my body. Every second of life on earth is truly a gift. Thank you for the beauty and wonder of the vast universe around us. No greater proof of your existence exists then the vast power displayed all around us. A power so far beyond human understanding. Captivating the human mind since our ancestors Adam and Eve walked in the garden. I pray we don’t fall to temptation as they did in the garden or fall into disobedience as the people of Israel did in the desert. I pray we humble ourselves before your power. Seeking your wisdom through the revealed revelations and knowledge of the word. To seek your strength when time gets tough. I pray we remember your life and death in the form of Jesus. Allowing our old selves to pass away on the cross, becoming born again in the character of christ. Shining his light and love upon the world around us. In Jesus name Amen. … Mind, Body & Soul Church …

Deano Burton-Hooper