Prayer: When I

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Prayer: When I

Dear God,

You are great, I am little.

When I walk on the planet you created today, let me see your face shining grace upon me.

When I see the sunshine and showered in it, help me bless your name.

When I breath the air, let me give thanks to you.

When I eat the meal you provide, let me thank you with my heart, not just simply say a gratitude word.

When I drink a cup of water, let me give thanks and glory to you.

When I see other people, let me have a sincere loving smile, for you love each one of them.

In Jesus’ name, I pray!

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Dear God, let me thank you for everything you have given us. For each day you created, for each morning we wake up to and see another beauty of it, for every person we meet and stay in our lives, for every meal and supplies you provided for us, for every sin and mistakes we have made that you’ve forgiven. For every blessings you gave us, and for every struggles we encounter along the way that made us stronger. And for all the guidance and protection you wrap around us. Thank you God for everything, good and bad. thank you for loving us unconditionally. :heartbeat: