Prayers for healing

1 5 months (yesterday)
19 pounds
milk baby
finally starting to walk some
all about playtime
in to everything & anything!
Remember Titus on Monday we meet with the surgeon to get a nodule removed on his head. Hopefully its just a cyst and nothing serious. Afterwards he goes to clinic for an immune infusion so we’re in for a long day. We’ve also picked up Physical Therapy again because his left leg is so stiff and does not move like it should. Overall, he has made significant progress and does well.

Tiffany Bennett Johnson

God bless you Lil one praying in Jesus name remove cancer from your body, healings GOD’S SPEED

Brittani Leflore

Prayers for healing

Teresa Hanusch

We Pray to Jesus for his speedy recovery. Amen.

Mark Alcock