Prayers for Quarantined Communities all over the globe

Prayers for Quarantined Communities all over the globe

Asking for prayers for those who are quarantined to be healed and that the Church become the hands and feet of Jesus.


Yes, I pray to God that all will be healed and away from harm. I really do hope all of this will end soon.

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Dear Lord Almighty, I ask you today to cast the light of health and well-being on those who’ve been exposed to COVID-9, Those who have contracted the disease, and those God forbid, who are likely to contract the disease. I ask you Lord to bless them, protect them and bring them speedily to full recovery. I also ask you to bless medical scientists and researchers around the world with insight and skill, dedication and fortitude, as they combat this pandemic,
So that their work yields knowledge and understanding, speedily finding a vaccine, treatments and deterrents to its spread. I pray this trusting in Jesus name. Amen

Primarily for the United States (but applicable to all whom it might help)

Let us pray for our leaders as well. They work hard for us, to “flatten the curve” so that our medical health institutions will not be crushed under the weight of all those needing help who have contracted Covid19. Let us follow their directions and be thankful for what they are doing on our behalf.

I pray that God will continue to give wisdom to our leaders, and that so many of us who are stubborn and self-willed might be brought to understanding and submission to the rules our leaders lay out for our well being.

I also pray that God will help us to be that light to those who are not saved. This is a time of great fear. When our deaths become something that could happen at any time to any one, we are more open to wanting to get right with God. May He empower us to boldly proclaim the good news of the salvation of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

God, First of all we thank you for your unconditional love that you’ve showed upon us. The blessings we got everyday. Please Protect our family and love ones from this very dangerous pandemic virus spreading around the globe.And please be with those people who got infected, please heal them as they have their own families worrying for their situation. Lord please forgive us from all of our sin in jesus name we pray Amen.