Protests against abortion

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Protests against abortion

Abortion issue is quiet serious in NY with the state legalizing abortion. And this prolife rally is very historic with 20000 people participating in the event. I am especially glad that a Christian foundation took the lead to organize the event. Great to have Christians shouting the name of Jesus at the times square, isn’t?


“My story is I was raised Catholic but I walked away from the church and I got married and I had a wonderful first son. But my second son, his head was small and he was challenged physically,” Pendergraft said. “He could not walk or talk.”

So when she got pregnant a third time, Pendergraft became scared and started down a path she would later regret.

“I was worried about having another son like [that]. So I had an abortion. For a long time I did not think about it. My husband and I got separated and I started seeing a man and in the process I got pregnant again. And the second time I had an abortion,” she said.

Pendergraft eventually found salvation in a Baptist church and stayed quiet about her abortions for a long time until Jesus told her this year to begin sharing her story.

“This year the Lord has laid it on my heart that I need to go tell people about this. I need to tell them the son that I had who is challenged is 47 years old. He goes to an activity center. He still can’t walk or talk. He’s incontinent but he is the light of my life,” she said.

Not everyone is pure and sinless. But repentance is what matters! Great testimony by Mary :blush:

What does the recent abortion law in New York mean to Christians?

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For abortion, I think this is a must-watch speech.

Gianna Jessen, abortion survivor speaks at Queen’s Hall, Parliament House, Victoria.

Part 1

Part 2


“Please speek up in canberra” this bill must not be passed. Giving woman the right to kill a little baby waiting to become strong enough to leave the woom. How could they even consider giving woman the right to kill little babies. Please speek up you have a gift and the right please do somthing go to Canberra, protests. I dont know how to start a protest but i would if i could and i would love to be part of a protest to stop this evil insanity and murder in the name of womans rights. If i can do anything to help please contact me.

She is awesome! Another one here:

Bishop Ron Archer Testimony The “Trick” Baby <-- Click here if above link does not work for you.

Here is another one haha

This movie is about the story of a pro-choice clinic director Abby Johnson and changed to pro-life. The amazing thing is the mother of the actress who plays this role plan to give abortion to her baby but finally, she gives up.

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My son went from totally liberal in his voting on this issue to totally conservative in his voting on this issue, just from seeing this movie. Highly recommend, and it’s based on a true story.