Yes @Jenny. It’s not easy to live a normal life during this pandemic. Life is tough, stress is everywhere and situations are getting hard. Living with anxiety makes it even harder. One minute, you are okay. One minute you’re not. Especially at night when I couldn’t sleep and overthinking keeps me awake, it feels so heavy and I don’t know what will happen tomorrow. But putting God first, helps me overcome those negative thoughts and ease all my worries and anxiety. Always put our trust in Him, and always believe that everything will work out just fine. He will never let us go through all of these without giving us something much better in return.

@Jenny: A lot of us today live in a busy and crowded times. The fast paced of our life lets us be occupied by a variety kind of people and things, so that we seldom have time to quiet our heart before God and draw near to him and contemplate…from the time we became distant from God, our life became miserable…Therefore, we should seek him in our daily lives and put him as our priority in order to live fully…

This phrase is so easy to say but in all honesty very difficult to follow. Our selfish nature really comes out when we are under life’s unfair pressures. Usually our desires always comes first even if we admit to our selves that the desires we have are never aligned to what God wants us to have. But on the other hand when we learn to apply this phrase in our lives and really live up to what it says, God’s promise will never fail us.

Yes!! This is true, @Jenny. Everything will really fall into place once we lift up everything to God. We must surrender ourselves to the Lord because He will be our guide to the light. Let us go hand in hand in the Lord and follow his footsteps. Let us spread God’s word and act like Him in every way we possibly can. Believe and let God in your heart.

Hello @Jenny Yes a big AMEN! I’ve been living this way for a long time. My whole life changed when I shifted my attitude of what it truly means to put God first. To feel this kind of freedom and connection is AMAZING! We all want freedom to be who we are. But we are the ones who keep the chains intact by continuing to suppress ourselves. We don’t love ourselves unconditionally because we feel we will be “bad” if we do.