Question is just plain, can we tell others their sins are forgiven?

Christ got in a heap of trouble one day when he told the paralytic that his sins are forgiven. Question, can we proclaim to others that their sins are forgiven? James tell us confess your sins to others. What do you think about? I’ll hold off my thinking as I would like to hear thoughts from others. Again, the question is just plain, can we tell others their sins are forgiven?

Jerry Palmer

Not even God can forgive sin, without judgment of that sin, or else God would be denying Himself as holy and just. That’s why Jesus had to be our substitutionary atonement.

Roger Haefer

He got in trouble trouble with the Jews. You can tell a believer in the company of believers that there sins are forgiven, but if you say it in the company of unbelievers they nay be offended. If you say it to sn unbeliever then you are giving false hope.

Joseph Berk

Only Jesus forgives sin and gives eternal life. We can then water baptize in the name of Jesus. We can forgive people who sin against us.

Richard Set Apart

shouldn’t tell people that. People need to pray for their sins to be forgiven and know God personally. Confess your sins to brethren not to a priest or some stranger and Christian love.

Robert Tapley

Jerry Palmer Of course you can tell people that if they confess Jesus as Lord and believe in their hearts that God raised Him from the dead (Rom 10:9) then their sins are forgiven and they are redeemed (saved). That is the good news! Along with the fact that we can bring any sin to Him after that and confess and He cleanses us on an ongoing basis (1 John 1:9)

Diane Schrader


Renier Koen

This, precisely.

Diane Schrader