Ralph D Winter-12 mistakes Western mission agencies have made


  1. The Mistake of Starting Bible Schools, Not Universities
  2. The Mistake of Only “Salvation in Heaven,” not “Kingdom on Earth”
  3. The Mistake of Congregations Sending Missionaries, Not Using Mission Agencies
  4. The Mistake of Whole Congregations in Direct Involvement, Not Professional Missions.
  5. The Mistake of Insisting that Devout Followers of Jesus Call Themselves “Christians” and Identify with the Western Church
  6. The Mistake of Sending Only Money, Not Missionaries
  7. The Mistake of Sending Short-Termers, Not Long-Termers
  8. The Mistake of Not Understanding Business in Mission and Mission in Business
  9. The Mistake of Healing the Sick, Not Eradicating Disease Germs
  10. The Mistake of Thinking “Peace” Not “War”
  11. The Mistake of Assuming Science Is a Foe Not a Friend
  12. The Mistake of An Evangelism That is Not Validated and Empowered by Social Transformation

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