Receive it!

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Receive it!


I really do cried so many times in private as I faced a lot of challenges in my life…but I will claim the blessings of God in public…Thank you Lord for everything you have done to me even if most of the time I am about to give up… thank you for lifting me up as always…

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You can call me assuming, but I will really claim this. I can no longer measure how many liters of tears I cried just recently. My family and I have been through a lot lately and I’m just so thankful that God never failed to be with us. As a father, if it would be possible for me to hide my tears from my two sons, I would. But sometimes when it is really heavy I just break down in tears in front of them. Even if God hasn’t given me the answers yet, I can feel that when I cry He is just beside me ready to comfort me. So now after all those tears, I am claiming the God wants me to shout to the world that He is about to bless me.

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I will say it out loud; I AM CLAIMING IT! God knows how many silent battles I’ve fought, tears I’ve cried every night, and those breakdowns I endure alone. I know that God hears us even in silence and He is always there watching us. But reading this @Jenny, No amount of words can suffice just how amazing God is. God, I know you hear us, and we submit to your plans, we lift up everything to you because You know that we have done everything we can and now we just have to trust You to do much more than we can do. Always grateful for all the blessings you have given us.

Amen! Whatever you may be facing today, stand up and get right in its face and say this: “I’m a born-again child of Almighty God. His supernatural favor surrounds me like a shield this very moment. His grace is more than enough to deliver me out of this trouble. My faith is in God’s Word, and I’m coming out of this triumphantly by the favor of God! Then, begin to expect great things to happen. I can tell you from the Word of God and from my own experience, your life will never be the same when you act like the favor of God is yours!

I love this! I lost count on how many times I have cried in private and asked God to take the pain away. Indeed He blessed me with so much now. Thank you, Lord God!

@Jenny amen! amen! amen to this! I ‘am ready to claim a huge blessings that is line up for me and my husband. Claiming in the mighty name of Jesus. Truly that God will wipe all our tears (Revelation 21:4)
in every sorrow grief or pain there will always be much more Joy, Peace and happiness of blessings from God.

Hello @Jenny Amen! I agree. Seek the Lord and ask Him to give you revelation. Delighting yourself in the Lord’s commands is easy when you understand just how much the Lord truly loves you. When you realize His eternal love for you, you can’t help but delight in Him and His Word. As you do, His commands won’t be burdensome, and you will experience great peace and joy as a result of choosing life and blessings. Be patient and diligent to fight the good fight of faith, and THE BLESSING of the Lord will soon overtake you!

@Jenny Amen. I really do crying in Jesus when paths for me is uncertain. But I believe in Jesus plans for every battles I faced. There’s always a bright side and a better day for everyone. We will receive a message from God that is truly grateful even we did the decisions in our life which for me is best.