Recently, I have a thing little confused

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Becoming a Christian, means you separate yourself from the world; but if you separate from the world, how could you communicate well with people living in the world?

How do you live well together with nonbeliever friends or relatives? How do you live in a proper way to allow yourself be reachable for them?

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yes, we can. We can humble ourselves and communicate with them. Then lead them to God.

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The best way to live “properly” is to obey the commands of Jesus as found in the Gospels, and the whole Bible.

Trying to live a Christian life without it’s manual on “how to” is impossible. At best, you will end up being a fake.

Better to worry what God thinks of you than what people think of you. If you follow 1 Corinthians 13, for instance, you are not going to be offending anyone, except for those who are offended by the law (which points out our sin and desperate need of a Messiah) and the Gospel (which points to Christ as being The Way, The Truth and The Life).

People offended by the law and the Gospel are all over the place. Let them be offended. For all you know, you’ve planted a seed in them that will later lead them toward Christ. If not, remember that God knows what He is doing, He is sovereign, and just because someone does not accept the law and Gospel, that does not mean they will never be saved.

No loving comment or behavior that models itself after Christ and His commandments will harm anyone. Often it’s light and warmth will make people ask YOU “Why do you have this hope? This light in your eyes?” Ask our Lord to guide you with the Holy Spirit as you share God’s Word in the Bible that will explain the reason for your hope.


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@Taiyanghua Set your life as a good example. Be the light for them. If they notice that you are a different person. Always joyful in whatever circumstance, then they will start to wonder why is your life like that. Your own life will lead them to God. Then when they ask you questions, then that is the right time that you introduce God to them. Reveal your ultimate secret and formula :slight_smile:

Hello @Taiyanghua Hope is well with you.
Sorry but I’m not agree on what you say “Becoming a Christian, means you separate yourself from the world” .
I’m a christian. God give us our Will to choose so it is your choice if you will separate yourself in this world.

For me being Christian is to be a follower of Christ and a good person to my fellow citizens. I do not know exactly what you mean by “separate from the world” but I do not feel that way. The more I learn a lot of things from Christ, the more I see the beauty of the world, His creations. And to live with nonbeliever friends or relatives? I say respect them. I see nothing wrong with expressing one’s faith but it is up to them to decide whether to choose God. We are instruments of God, we inspire each other to better ourselves to the Lord. But let us not forget that the Lord God gave us free will. It still boils down to our own selves.