Relatable's Allie Beth Stuckey Showing How Relatable She Really Is

It seems Christian women have been put on notice. If you question Allie Beth Stuckey on anything to the point of her having a meltdown over it on Twitter like the one on June 9th, she will then gossip and mischaracterize you by name on another podcast without fear of any blowback from any prominate pastors in the Christian Community. This is in keeping of Stuckey’s views of Christian virtues and her Relatable brand.

Its also interesting that Stuckey mentions that her analysis would have been different about The Chosen and the Pride flag if she knew how the actors were going to respond to the controversy criticisms, including from Dallas.

So I have to ask, what’s stopping her from doing so right now? If she can revisit issues like abortion and pitbulls whenever she feels there is something to add to the subject, then why has she hid under her bed to avoid providing a much needed update to her June analysis? In fact, every single Conseevative commentator at the major conservative media hasn’t said anything critical of Dallas or The Chosen unless its to downplay these controversies in the last several months.

I can’t help but wonder if either Stuckey is that prideful that she won’t go back to correct her own commentary where she was found to be in error or it might have something to do with and is connected to the clearly expensive set upgrade her show recieved earlier this year.