Report about child sexual abuse and sacrifices by a satanic cult

I recently watched an old 60 minutes report about child sexual abuse and sacrifices by a satanic cult, that reignited some sentiments from when I was an agnostic in my teenage years. Like many others, I struggled with loving or even believing in a God that allowed certain atrocities in the world. My question is for those that believe in predestination. Considering that the two greatest commands, in a nutshell, are Love God, and Love others, is it even possible to really love God, or others and believe he predestined all the evil things going on in this world. Can I have some honest feedback on this, please? Full disclosure, I’m a born-again believer that believes in free will

Aubrey Smith

All God created was ‘good’. For whatever reason God doesn’t seem to stop mankind exercising their individual and collective Free Will.

Oliver Kent

I believe in predestination , even though God gave us a free will , at the begining everything was finished before the foundation of the world , by foreknowledge he made that choice for us , God doesn’t want things like wars , killings, shootings, etc… See more

Charles Connelly

Predestination is only found in a positive light in the Bible never in a negative light

Wayne R. Childs