Salvation doesn’t come when you stop sinning

Salvation doesn’t come when you stop sinning. Salvation comes when you stop thinking your holy conduct could ever qualify you before God and start believing on Jesus ALONE for permanent right standing with God.

Mike Ryan

Yes…since we can never stop sinning…it’s nice to know we are still saved through Jesus.

Ayame Lovelace

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The statement is false…We must turn to God and his ways.

Mary Burroughs

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This is philosophy and feel good speech

Robert Chambers

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I dont know fully what you are trying to convey to us, but God is helping us to go and sin no more and to be holy as he is holy

Michael St Louis

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Salvation is to save you from sin so that you can go and sin no more. Much of a Christian called salvation is them believing they are saved. What evidence do they have. They don’t have any they believe they are saved because they say they are saved. Without evidence it means nothing. If we are truly saved we are saved from sin and we can go and sin no more because we are a new creation that is free of sin. Those who say they’ll always have sin they always will because they set that limit. They don’t believe that God can save them. But those who believe God can save them from sin because he said they can will be saved from sin and will no longer be under bondage to it

Daniel Hutch

Looks like just another post where someone is using Jesus as an excuse to keep on sining. Your supposed to follow Jesus and learn from his teachings not use him as an excuse

Dustan Larkins

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False Teaching! Salvation comes the moment that you believe on and accept the Lord Jesus Christ as your Personal Savior. Holiness means that you are set aside to live solely for Christ Jesus, to live the example as God has Commanded since the beginning of time; Not to yield to the temptations of satan, but to resist the devil, so that he will flee from us. Remain always in Communion with the Lord God Daily through Prayer, Praise, Worship, His Holy Word.

Regina Joyce Williams


Becoming Born Again, that’s really what we’re talking about here is believing Jesus is the son of God, believing He came to earth ,was born of a virgin and lived on earth for 33 or so months, died on the cross, rose again again in three days. Through this sacrifice we too can be forgiven if we believe this…a prayer of faith in Jesus, asking for forgiveness of our sins through Him, repenting of our sins sincerely and giving our lives to Him…and asking Him to be the Lord of our lives…then comes the sanctification…turning from sin, only done though if we are sincere in our prayer and desire the New Life with Jesus…it’s a process, at least it was for me…

Colette Hegg

Is it not that 'when you believe JESUS, It is as good as you believe GOD, the FATHER and the HOLY SPIRIT ?'This is how I believe.

Ben De Castro

Hebrews 5:9 And being made perfect he became the author of eternal salvation unto all that obey him.

Mary Burroughs

Yep. And without Jesus I don’t have a chance of being righteous no matter what I do.

Pauline Dillard