Salvation is a free gift INDEPENDENT OF HUMAN CONDUCT!

Salvation is a free gift INDEPENDENT OF HUMAN CONDUCT! It’s by GRACE through FAITH. We serve God purely motivated by love NOT fear! Salvation is already secured for those who believe in Jesus and will never be taken from them no matter what they do! That’s not diminishing God’s plan, it’s highlighting God’s love!

Mike Ryan

If you listen and believe in this then you will have your place in Hell right beside Mike Ryan. Ppl who believe in this might as well believe that Satan is also welcomed back into heaven as well as us. Because God will allow him forgiveness as well as … See more

Kevin Jackson

But we can turn our back on him

Scoop Mendenhall

Ephesians 2, verses 8 and 9 are not complete without verse 10…

Juan Gonzalez-Ramos

can’t lose his salvation either regardless of what he has done…(before they got saved.} That’s one thing; and can not lose it REGARDLESS of (what they do)…after they receive Salvation of their souls). That’s another thing altogether!!!..You can’t l… See more

Joseph Bacon