Secrets within the church

Secrets within the church

Hi! I know someone who has a secret relationship with a priest. Now, this is forbidden in our religion. But what are your thoughts about this? Does this mean the priest does not go to heaven for his sin?

YES, not exception

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Thank you for responding! :blush:

Really, it is not for us to determine who goes to heaven and who does not.

I do not make light of the sins especially those who have committed to serve the body of Christ. However, it is not our duty to condemn people to hell. If being sinless is the key to heaven’s door, no one could enter. It is important to note that just as being in an ungodly relationship is sin, so are lying, gossiping, and backbiting. If we sin just a little bit, we are as guilty as those who have killed or have committed adultery.

It is a mystery how God loves us sinners!


Truly a mystery how God still loves us despite our sins. God is so good and forgiving. :yellow_heart::yellow_heart: Having this is in my mind constantly makes me want to be a better person.

@Homer_Habacon I love your response brother. Its a loving way of truth.
Priest has a duty to serve our Lord but they are all human. Despite in all of this they are doing their best to serve our Lord. Evil is everywhere. Again as i said in my past replies God give us the will to choose. We better choose the life that God wants us to be.