Should churches continue to preach "Accept Jesus, Your sins will be forgiven" messages to their congregation?


While the existence of the church is to proclaim the salvation of Jesus Christ to the ends of the earth. Once you accept Jesus and receive salvation - you start attending a Church and continue to grow your faith. Salvation is the beginning of faith. But some churches continue to preach “Accept Jesus, Your sins will be forgiven” messages to their congregation. How good is it to repeat this every Sunday? What should the church actually preach for the believers?

I think it is necessary for the church to often preach the message of salvation to the congregation, but the message should not be a simple conclusion or just some suggestive words. For example, if we just tell the congregation that “God loves you”,“accept Jesus, Your sins will be forgiven” ,then it should not have much influence on the cultivation of believers’ faith life. We can deliver the message of God’s salvation to congregations in other, more detailed, concrete ways, so that they don’t just hear it, actually understand what it means also.

yes, i think so. This message is right, But they also need know they need do good things and wash their sin by God’s grace.

@christiantopics “What should the church actually preach for the believers?”

Simple answer: The Bible.
To shepherd the sheep, one must feed them.
Feed them what?
The scriptures, the Holy Word of God.
So they can understand, mature, grow in faith and righteousness.
Then the people in the congregation can have their eyes open enough to evangelize OUTSIDE the church.

Inside the church needs to be

  1. Feeding on the Word of God
  2. Worshiping God in song and praise.
  3. Ministering to one another in Christ’s love.