Should everyone have a religion?

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Should everyone have a religion?

I’ve been asked one time with this question. “Why do some of us feel the ‘need to believe’?”

Every one is christian!

Everyone has some sort of religion, at some degree. In my opinion, it is innate in to humans to pursue something bigger than ourselves.

Everyone has that need to believe in something or someone supreme, or at the extreme end of the spectrum, the absence of it.

That’s why we see a great relief in the faces of people when we tell them that Christianity is not about joining another religion but entering into a relationship with God. The dynamics change. We go from clueless people driven by fear to a chosen people called o experience an intimate walk with God. :slight_smile:

Hello Sir @Homer_Habacon thanks for your reply. Yes true! It is already innate in us and it matters most on how will one enrich his/her faith. I do have some colleagues who are too scientific enough when it comes to talking about “believing in Christ”, and I do respect their opinions even if it contradicts mine…

Although religion can’t save you or anyone, God encourages His children to worship him as one body. I believe the Lord prefers His children to worship and pray together as written in Hebrews 10:24 and 25. In fact, God requires the Ancient Israelites to congregate for worship. Leviticus 23: 2-4. In addition, the Scriptures also prescribed that the leaders of worship should be handled by a qualified body of men. Nehemiah 8:1-8; Colossians 3:16.

Furthermore, being a member of an organized religious body is also good for your Christian faith. The Scriptures often likened believers as a runner in a race or sometimes a traveler over a tiny, narrow road. Without support, a runner may never finish the race. But with encouragement and support success is possible.
I use to hate churches. In fact I vowed to never be again a member of a religious organization. But I brought my predicament to God. Guess what, He led me to a group of believers and finally found my “brothers and sisters” in Christ. Somehow it made my life a lot easier and more fulfilling. I mean we can form amazing friendships with unbelievers right, so why not form a close relationship with fellow Christians?

My advice to you is, if you are disillusioned over religion or if you are looking for the right congregation, bring everything to God. He will lead you to the right group at the right time.

Hi @Mariel, I was just one time asked about that question but I am not actually the one who is looking for any religion coz I am happily contented with what I have since baptized. Take care!:blush:

For me, as long as you believe in the Lord God and you do not interfere or disrespect other religions or judge a person because of his religion, you are fine. Religion cannot save you, but, in a way it can help or guide you as you go on with your journey with God. It is nice to do bible lessons with your pastor, or listen to the homily when in church. As long as you believe and accept the Lord God in your life, you will be alright! :blush: