Since we have all been commanded to share the gospel, how do you “share” it?

Since we have all been commanded to share the gospel, how do you “share” it?

Mike Smith

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We have not all been commanded to share the gospel.“And He Himself gave SOME to be apostles, SOME prophets, SOME evangelists, and SOME pastors and teachers.” -Ephesians 4:11Not all. One of the BIGGEST problems with Christianity is that UNQUALIFIED people think they can evangelize or teach.What people should do is invite others to QUALIFIED MEN who can evangelize and teach them.

Jacob Culberson

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By my actions, my behavior. My calling has not been one of evangelical or proselytizing activity.

Mike Michelozzi

Action speaks louder than words! Anyone can preached the words but most fail to:Forgive Pray LoveGive Mercy

Shelley Robins

Some plant seed, some water, and God gives the increase. My parents didn’t lead me in the sinner’s prayer, but they certainly were the reason I came to faith in Christ!

Mary Ellen Nissley

Just tell others what you know about Him and let Him worry about the rest.

August Iorio

2 Corinthians 5:18….

Brady Rex

Yes through my rosary crew keith nester he explains the gospel and readings every week

Jean Merron

To follow and prove by behaving good as Jesus told us .

Rachal Doll

Social media. Every conversation I’m in and I see an opportunity to testify, praise Jesus, quote the Word and use it for edifying, teaching, correcting and instruction in righteousness.

Richard Set Apart

Building a blog currently! Msg me if you’d like the link. I also have 700+ Gospel tracts, grab a few everyday when I remember. Also just read the situation. Sometimes it’s clear the Lord is leading me to speak or at least gives awareness of His work in the life of others. Prayer is key!

Maya Goodson

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