So if anyone wants true salvation they need to investigate whether they are really saved or not. And seek the Lord for True salvation

I’ve had many discussions online with people. Many people claim to be a Christian. But when I ask them to describe salvation. They usually just quote scripture but have no real personal evidence of salvation. I can conclude by their description about what makes them think that they are a Christian is that they believe they are saved because they believe they are saved. It’s all really in their head. Real true salvation is an event. It is action done by God to you. He gives you a new heart that is free and clean of sin. That is how he takes your sins away by taking your old sinful heart away and giving you a new one. When this happens it is like the heaviest burdens is lift off your back. It is something you will know happened to you and people can see the evidence of it you will be completely changed. From the inside out. It is belief in an action done by God. Not just belief in words. Another thing I see is people who believe if they are saved. But then don’t believe that God save them from their sins they believe that they are still Sinners and that they are supposed to try to stop themselves from sinning and God is supposed to help them do it like an assistant. I don’t see that anywhere in scripture where God offered that. That is entirely made up on their own. So if anyone wants true salvation they need to investigate whether they are really saved or not. And seek the Lord for True salvation.

Daniel Hutch

When salvation takes place, a change in direction is evident because salvation requires repentance, and a change in what is evident in our lives.

Larry Howe

The Bible tells us to work out our salvation with fear and trembling. There are levels to understanding. God leads us to salvation through repentance. It’s a process. The act was done when Jesus declared on the cross, " it is finished," but He did n… See more

Lorelei Sargent

Even as Christians we are still sinners the difference though since we are Christians and we sin we can confess and ask forgiveness and the Lord will forgive us…with that said before anyone attacks me NO WE CANNOT CONTINUE TO WILLFULLY SIN but we are… See more

Alicia Pierce

No one has the right to judge people whether they are saved or not . Only God can judge.

Michael Te

This is our safe place, no judgement should be here. Open forum for discussion for the lost and saved. If we’re wrong , we pray God will show us the light lovingly. If we have something to share from the Holy Spirit, then Amen.

Ofelia Arenas

Christ came to me. I asked him into my life. He already paid the price for my sins, therefore He is my salvation. My savior.

Amanda Rosser