So is anyone else feeling this demonic attack nowadays?


So is anyone else feeling this demonic attack nowadays?? It happens during the day or night, through others, through thoughts even sleep, idk but I sure have been feeling it and all I can do is just pray and rebuke it. EVERYDAY…

Dalton Forrest Burak

That’s your power to REBUKE! The more you do it the more powerful you are to the enemy! Eventually he flee and leaves you forever! Hallelujah! Glory all to the lord!

Caridad B. Monroe

Just keep our minds on Gods word use it to fight the evil doer satan rebuke him in Jesus mighty name!

Patricia Rogers

REBUKE it Jesus Mighty Name. you have the power to tell evil to go in His name.remember we covered by the blood of jesus

Rosemary Lange

Remember confidently that He who is in you is stronger than he who is in the world.

Margie Stewart

How can you break a curse from another person? A verbal curse of a life full of chaos and no peace? I’m a Christian and I didn’t believe that this could happen but with the constant chaos, I begin to wonder…

Julie Roberts-O’Bryan

Yes amen I do every day day and night I feel someone is just an angry person towards me and sorry to say this but some Christians are mean and don’t have anything to do with me either there’s no love or support everywhere I go people show hate they don’t even smile and through them makes me think I’ve done something wrong I just cry then I’m angry and stay away from the world. I pray and I pray Jesus I don’t know what is going on but I feel pressure that people are trying to pull me away From God by these distractions.I pray help me Jesus keep me from harm hold me close . I do need prayer because this is a daily thing I’m starting to get angry towards people who do this towards me.

Glenda Lafever

If the enemy is attacking in your home, it is time to clean house. We have authority over evil spirits in the name of Jesus. We called are to cast out demons. It is important to fill your personal space with Jesus through the Holy Spirit. Fill your home with praise and worship which ushers in His spirit. Ask for discernment of anything that allows the enemy in and remove it from your house. Things like tarot cards, dragons and anything with satanic symbols can be an invitation for the enemy. Then when you have ushered in the presence, command every unclean or evil spirit to leave. You can go to the doors and windows and plead the blood of Jesus over them that no evil will be allowed to enter. If you want more specific info on how to do any of this, message me. I’ve been through it and will be glad to help

Bobbi Erben

If you are been tormented by demonic spirits/demons and need help. I recommend Daily Mercy to you , because I’ve been set free by it. Its the most extensive online deliverance program available , look for Daily Mercy tab and click schedule a call