So what do I do now? Take a drive to my local church and speak to its pastor?

I could really use some guidance, although perhaps I should just get off Facebook and drive to my neighborhood church and talk to its pastor.
I know this may sound really silly to other people…I get that.
I’ve spent the bulk of my life as an agnostic, although over the last couple of years I’ve felt almost an unquenchable thirst to understand the arguments for and against the existence of God. By yesterday afternoon I had pretty much decided that given all the suffering in the world, the existence of a loving God seems highly unlikely. Besides, I thought, wouldn’t God know exactly what it would take to convince everyone of His existence and want to do so?
So yesterday evening I was having a little downtime and was surfing YouTube when a completely RANDOM video came across my feed of animals acting to save human lives. There were videos of dogs jumping in the water to save people drowning, a dog who was smart enough to stop traffic in order to get help for her owner who had a seizure, another stray dog who came to the rescue of a strange woman being attacked, and even one dog who on his own had learned to help push his owner along in a wheelchair so he could be mobile. The way these animals acted to intervene and save people…As I watched the video I realized these animals had to be getting guidance from somewhere.
I had always thought if God existed He would know exactly what it would take to convince each person of His existence, and here I was being clearly spoken to in a personal manner I could understand. Maybe no one else would understand it, but I understood.
So what do I do now? Take a drive to my local church and speak to its pastor?

David Smith

Thank you everyone for your kind and wise words of encouragement. I’m really very grateful and quiet touched.God and I do have a lot to talk about. He may have been speaking to me before but I’ve never intentionally participated in the conversation… See more

David Smith

Sounds like you’re on your way. Definitely find a good church that is bible based so you are led properly. Find one that will help you learn how to read your bible and even learn scripture. That will open your eyes to God. Pray often.

Kimberley Ross

Yes. Do what your heart is telling you to.God inspired faith in you and is leading you to start your journey of relationship with Him.The pastor near you will help you.… See more

Will Elliott