Social distance yourself from SIN not from GOD


Amen to this, @Jenny! I strongly agree to this. Many of the people who live in our country today are devastated and disappointed because our government officials, who are supposed to protect and serve us, are the ones who betray us. I really cannot understand why these people steal from the millions of people paying for their health insurance and taxes. May these people see light and may the Lord touch their hearts in changing their unjustly ways. No one deserves this especially the people who give and do not receive anything in return. May God bless us all. AMEN.

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@Jenny i definitely agree with this. i know, that it is not possible for us not to sin because we are just human, however we christians MUST AVOID to make sin as much as possible, it is not good that we christians , sin intentionally. it is good that we are always in God’s side. God doesnt want us to sin, he hates sin.

As human, we cannot escape the enemies trap, called sins. But we can prevent that by staying strong and make good choices if we confess, submit and follow God’s words. We may have made mistakes but that doesn’t mean that God would turn his face from us. All we need to do is ask for forgiveness and walk in faith with God. That way, He can guide and protect us from doing the same mistakes again. God hates sin but He never condemns. Instead, He leads His people to repentance. Repentance is a change of heart and a change of ways. It is never too late to come back to God. He will always welcome us with open arms. Let Him lead and control our lives.