Some glad morning when this life is over I’ll fly away

Some glad morning when this life is over
I’ll fly away
To that home on God’s celestial shore
I’ll fly away
I’ll fly away, oh glory
I’ll fly away, in the morning
When I die, Hallelujah by and by
I’ll fly away
Hallelujah, praise the LORD, one day I will fly away. I will shed this oh sinful flesh and put on an uncorruptable body, a new body, a sinless body, hallelujah.
No more will I fight against sin but live in peace with myself and my LORD. Always doing what is right in His sight, hallelujah.
I look forward to that day. This life is full of hardship and trials, which I seem to fail more than I pass. Jesus didn’t say this race would be easy but the prize is out of this world.
O LORD I look forward to seeing You face to face. I don’t know what my reaction will be, I’m sure I will fall on my face before You. But I look forward in feeling Your embrace. Hearing You speak to me, “Welcome home My child”.
No more tears and no more drifting or wandering from You.
Jesus name, Amen.

Steven Richardson

How wonderful that going to be

Adri Oosthuizen

One of my old favorites

Diane Reynolds