Some people believe archeology "proves" the Bible, what do you think?

Some people believe archeology "proves" the Bible, what do you think?

Some people believe archeology “proves” the Bible, in general, and the Old Testament in particular. Some people believe that archeology does NOT “prove” the Bible or the Old Testament. To which argument do you adhere, i.e., which statement do you accept as true? Why?

I agree archeology “proves” the Bible. Because the Bible is God’s revelation, it’s absolute true. Archeology is the work according to scientific research methods. Science does not conflict with the Bible. But I want to add one point, which is that archeology is limited, because now not all the scientific methods used archeology are absolutely true, because some deduction and assumption are there. Archeology just a subsidiary way to help those who have believed the Bible through faith to know more clearly about the Bible or the FT.

In my opinion, when science and technology developed, it will prove that what the Bible recorded was real and have existed in history before. Archeology can help to prove the reality of the Bible to some extent. However, we cannot research the Bible or explain the Bible through the method of archeology or other technology. The Bible was the revelation of God and was far beyond the understanding and rationality of human beings. Therefore, if one person wants to learn Bible through archeology, he/she will never reach the point that God wants us to know. We can only come to God with faith. Through faith, we can see God and know his love and mercy.

I think most of the archeology can prove the Bible or the First Testament. In order to let us understand the will of God, God opens different ways for us to get the information about him, so the archeology is also the way God opened for us, God gives us sense so that we can know him through reason. So we can use our intelligence to understand and know God, and we should utilize it well. But for archaeology, there are limitations, so when we look at the archaeology, we need to know the real intention of God, otherwise, we can easily go to extremes and misunderstand God.

I think the archeology proves the Bible because nowadays most of the science will prove that the Bible has come from God. Because when the detect their research, they can find some creation from God. So we need to study more about Bible, and get the correct answer.

Ron Wyatt was a Christian archeologist who has uncovered a many Old Testament sites. He is all over YouTube.