Some specific

I once observed this specific thing.
It’s beauty pierced through my eyelids,
Like salt water in a carribean island’s bay.

No matter the perspective,
It always left me without words to say.
It’s effect is effective. So much so that,
If I had to compare with another thing,
In shame Would that very attempt lay.

Can an art piece contain the fullness,
Of the painter’s imagination?
That is to say, The thing I observed was,
The knowledge of the creator. If something
Else was to compare, it surely wouldn’t be a declaration, and would be defeated in an argument conducted under moderation.


the answer to this is yes.
we are God’s masterpiece. of all the creation we are the special and most love creation of God. we people incomparable to other creations, why? because we are from his likeness ,
our life comes from his breath ;
he gave us an intellect higher than any other creature, he did it for us to guide them and love them, we are the stewards of the beast fish fowl plants here in this earth

What you’re doing is limiting God’s imagination to humans. God is infinite and even his imagination.