Sometimes Faith will make you look stupid until it starts to rain


Genesis 7:5 And Noah did all that the LORD commanded him.

As true Christians, expect that not everyone will believe, treat us good or listen. Increasing will laugh because we do sound different from/to them, because they think that we’re out of their world and that we are mentally ill. Increasing will laugh, stab our back and will hate us and that’s okay!

Remember what people did to Christ when he’s preaching? What He experienced were worse than what we are suffering now.

Let people view us as stupid because we are fulfilling what’s written. Let them call us one, but strive to be not called stupid by God because of not following Him.

And like Noah, continue doing what must be done, for if the end is near, people will beg for your stupidity and that stupidity is no longer available for them because sharing your stupidity ends the moment they refused to listen to the Truth.

Xiao Nai He

This is so true @FaithinGod… people always have this attitude of “to see is to believe”. They will only believe if they’ll found out a proof or they will see it with their own eyes…that’s exactly what happened in the time of Noah…no one believes him, until the rain poured out hard…But sad to say in today’s world, people believe what they hear than what they see…Let us just act like Noah and continue doing the things that needs to be done which is pleasing to God’s eyes…

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Hello, dear @FaithinGod
So much truth in these words! People nowadays find religion boring or for crazy people, it’s not! It’s faith, it has so many things and people only choose to see the church and what they perceive as boring. Faith is believing to see, and even if they don’t admit it they have faith all the time, when they wish for something, to whom are they asking it? To God, who else? We have to keep this parh of faith that God has put on us, even if we can’t see the final goal, just as Noah made his arc, we are building our own arc of faith every day.
Kind regards, Luis Guerrero.

I agree with you @FaithinGod, we Christians are always in the microscope of others. The reason is we live according to what Jesus would want us to live, guided by the Holy Spirit. We should not be concerned about this, because we are not living to please them. We strive to live a holy life because that is what God wants us to do. We are always subject of criticisms, and these criticisms are about being different from them. They will even persecute and tell us to let go of our faith and follow them to enjoy life even more. Not until the flood comes, this is vindication from God. This is where God will separate and redeem His people, this doesn’t necessarily mean rapture, rather this can also be hardships involving believers and unbelievers but God will only spare His children. So we should stand firm, hold on to our faith and trust God that He is in control.