Sometimes we didn't feel God, but does that mean He's abandoned us?

Sometimes we didn't feel God, but does that mean He's abandoned us?

Dear @Xiaohui, Thank you for this question. It is true that we don’t feel the presence of God always in our lives. This maybe due to our sins or some situations that we face in our life that make us feel that we are far from God. The life of Job and many Psalms of David are good examples of this. Job went through suffering because of losing everything in his life and was inflicted with disease. And David went through situations where he was running from Saul and he was threatened by his own sons and he also commited sin and finally he was threatened by many of his enemies.

But I don’t think God abandons us in all this. God always remains where he is and seeks us. There are also times when God leads us through the path of difficulty for us to move forward in faith. This was true for Job. God lead him through difficulty to take him from an understanding just through ears to an understanding of his own eyes.

When God allows us to go through suffering there is a purpose why he does it. We can know his purposes only when we reach the end of this process. But as Chrisitians we can pray and hope during this process that God is good and so are his intentions and there is a purpose that he is leading us through this time of difficulty and he will reveal it to us when we reach the end and that will give us joy that we are complete.

These are some of my thoughts. What do you think?

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Excellent comment you wrote, @Moses_C. I think that is very helpful for anyone going through difficult times and feeling as though God is a million miles away, or at least, not as close to us as He was.

For me it’s almost always my sin that makes that happen. Sometimes though, it is a combination of my sin and trials from outside my control. It’s important, so important to return to God, pour out our troubles and seek rescue from Him. Then believe in His everlasting goodness and even pray for patience until we see the answer as to “why”.

great movie, btw