Soon there will be no more tears and no more evil

Soon there will be no more tears and no more evil because Jesus will be coming for His children and the world will be cleansed of Satan and his followers. God didn’t cause the evil in the world Satan did. People may have hurt you and life may have stolen everything from you, but Jesus has always loved you and only wants to save you from the coming doom which is reserved for Satan and those who reject Jesus. There is still time to give your life to Jesus and find peace in Him. Ask Him to come into your heart today. Confess you are a sinner and that you are lost without Him and need to be forgiven and saved. Jesus will forgive all of your sins past, present and future. Don’t let the Devil cheat you out of this opportunity, there may not be another. There is a wonderful world waiting for you. Come to Jesus now, He died on the cross and was raised from the dead to give you this opportunity.
Come walk with me my friends there is someone I would like you to meet, His name is Jesus. He laid down His life for you and picked it up again because He is the resurrection and the Life. He loves you more than you will ever know. He wants you to know that He did it all for you even though you didn’t know Him at the time He knew you and cared enough to die for you so that He could be a part of you. “Yes” to live in your heart and be with you every day, through the good and the bad because you are His family and He wants you to see all the love He has for you. Come and see; He is waiting for you. Don’t complicate things just come as you are. He already knows everything about you, don’t be afraid just come.
Do you feel the Power of the Holy Spirit it comes in waves as the wind and the trees bow before it and the peace that passes all understanding fills your soul as you stand before God all alone! All of your sins are washed away forever. Come to Him! Lay your pain on the altar of salvation (the final sacrifice) and leave it there for the Lord to deal with. He is with you now, trust in Him. He is your deliver and the rock of your salvation. He will lift you up on high to the throne of God and praise God for you. He will give God Glory because of you. Now give glory to Him for saving you because you never earned it Jesus did because God sent Him for you. Come walk with Jesus!

John Halsell

Well said!

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