Spiritual Visioning, How would you describe your conversations with God?

Spiritual Visioning
How would you describe your conversations with God? I use prayer, for prayer is the first step to true wisdom and visioning. I am blessed to be given the ability and the words of a teacher allowing me to pass what God has taught me and share with others. I pray that the words of my heart are a comfort to those I reach.
One cannot have spiritual visioning without following the wisdom given by God, for God cherishes those who live with wisdom, the wisdom He offers us to learn, share, and practice. My meditations are my prayers, and I believe that when those of us who believe in the Love and Goodness of God experience and share the great things that God gives us, we all are both loved and blessed.
This spiritual visioning is not magical; it is the loving gift given by God allowing us to recognize the pain of others and bring His love and comfort into their beings. This, as I pray, helps ease the burdens and discomforts of our brothers and sisters in Christ.

Russell Carter

Amen. What a wonderful gift!!!

Patricia Paad

God’s gifts are truly miraculous. Thank you for sharing.

Jaynee Peyton Lander

Love reading, love learning, love believing.Book endorsed by 400 teachers.

Bruce Marchetta

I like listening to the word and talking to God in my thoughts

Jefferson Eugene Eirhart

I pray, He whispers into my heart. I pray a lot. I keep my heart open to Him.

Jane Arrocha-Soderstrom