Stephen Curry's Faith - Role of Parents

Stephen Curry's Faith - Role of Parents

“I would have them get up at six o’clock in the morning to do devotion before school, to emphasize putting God first – to also train them, ‘You’re gonna have a job, get up at six o’clock in the morning and get stuff done,’” Sonya said.

The Currys went to church on Wednesdays and Sundays, which meant he couldn’t do things his friends were doing during those times.

“When all your other friends are doing these things and you’re having to say no, you get used to saying no,” she said of their church schedule.

But it trained Steph Curry, she said, to learn to be different.

“Mom challenged me,” he said, “to find a [Bible] verse that I could rely on to give me strength, give me a sense of purpose, and to remember who I’m playing for every time I lace up my sneakers.”

He chose Philippians 4:13. His sneakers include a handwritten message: “I can do all things…”

Stephen Curry, touched the sky twice as most valuable NBA player’s faith surely touches hearts. I especially admire the faith of Curry’s parents. When cultures and Social Norms change the role of parents in understanding the changes and helping their children with many questions they will have about the society will pass down the faith to the younger generations. Its sad to see many broken American families has produced people with broken hearts and minds. This is true as well for many parents who compromised on their faith and failed to pass down their faith as well.

Truely inspired by this story!


I like this man so much.

This is a series of video about Steven Curry not long ago, and the name of epistle 5 is “Faith”.