Stop Hating and Start Praying!

Stop Hating and Start Praying! Stop the Jealousy and Envy! Work for your Own Salvation! Stop Worrying about Everybody else and Worry about Yourself! Amen!

The Servants Of The Lord

The Servants of the Lord, yes we should be concerned about our salvation, but we must worry about others and work for their salvation too. Jesus commanded His Disciples to go out and preach the Gospel to all Nations. I pray for others, especially non-believers daily. God bless you and may His grace shine upon you.

Allen Scott

You cannot work gor your salvation my friend. No amount of good works can get you to heaven. Believe on the finished work of JesusChrist on the cross and rest.

Jesus Paulo

Worry about yourself? Work for your own salvation? What about contending the faith? Are we not meant to be sharing the truth with everyone who needs it? As Christians who have an assurance of salvation, we should be working to see others saved from an eternity in hell, not working on our own salvation. And sometimes that means telling other “Christians” the true gospel, because sadly a lot of modern Christianity is far from biblical and very much new age.

Jon Wickens

We can’t work for our salvation, we’re saved by Grace alone, so that no one can boast.

Paxton Torrey

I assume this means strengthen your faith, keep the commandments and faith of Jesus and strive to have a close relationship with God, while encouraging others to do the same

Emily Frazer

Preach to others the truth and if they reject dust off your sandals and move to the next group of people to tell. No time to waste, probation is soon closing

Emily Frazer

That is not Christianity. We must preach to everyone. Including ourselves

Barima Adom