Straight Ahead: A Devotional

He did what was right in the eyes of the Lord . . . , not turning aside to the right or to the left.
2 Kings 22:2

It used to take the steady eye and the firm hand of a farmer to drive a tractor or combine down straight rows. But even the best eyes would overlap rows, and by end of day even the strongest hands would be fatigued. But now there’s autosteer—a GPS-based technology that allows for accuracy to within one inch when planting, cultivating, and spraying. It’s incredibly efficient and hands-free. Just imagine sitting in a mammoth combine and instead of gripping the wheel, you’re gripping a roast beef sandwich. An amazing tool to keep you moving straight ahead.

You may recall the name Josiah. He was crowned king when he was only “eight years old” (2 Kings 22:1). Years later, in his mid-twenties, Hilkiah the high priest found “the Book of the Law” in the temple (v. 8). It was then read to the young king, who tore his robes in sorrow due to his ancestors’ disobedience to God. Josiah set about to do what was “right in the eyes of the Lord” (v. 2). The book became a tool to steer the people so there would be no turning to the right or left. God’s instructions were there to set things straight.

Allowing the Scriptures to guide us day by day keeps our lives in line with knowing God and His will. The Bible is an amazing tool that, if followed, keeps us moving straight ahead.

By: John Blase

Reflect & Pray

How is Bible reading a part of your daily routine? What Scriptures has God been using to keep your life on track?

God, the Scriptures are a gift that brings truth and freedom to our lives. Help me to hunger and thirst for Your words.

Based from experience, I can really say that when I started reflecting on the words of the Bible and started learning God’s life, things have changed mentally for me. I used to be that person who just acts based on how I am feeling, not thinking about the laws or the consequences. I am more than thankful that now I am guided. I live my life better than before, I think about my actions and words against other people. It shaped me into who I am today. It feels like I have been saved.

This is so me dear @kianna…sometimes I cannot shut my mouth out or be calm amidst any situations…I mean I spit out whatever I want to say, most especially when I get hurt and abused by other people…I only get calm when I am able to let it out and release…afterwards, I will write in my journal and pray to ask forgiveness…

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Yes, @MakkaPakka, sometimes I just burst out of anger or frustration and feel guilty afterward for exploding.

@kianna me too dear…no matter how hard I practice patience, I will really burst out and explode easily when I am out of control…and then if I released it already, that is the time I will realize that I can no longer take back what I have said…and so I write it in my journal and burn it after…:grin:

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Ooh that’s nice! Before I get very scared whenever I write my feelings in my journal because my mom sometimes reads it. Thank you for that though. :grin: :grin:

I am really fond of writing dear @kianna…it is very relaxing in my part…I started writing when I was in high school coz my parents are strict…and my siblings are not around because they are in Manila…so in short, I don’t have someone to talk to…sometimes I put my prayers in my altar as I have my own room, and sometimes I burn them all especially the negative thoughts that I have written… I did that yesterday too… I burned the letter which entails my anger with my neighbor…:grin:

Yeah. It is very helpful when you just write your heart out most especially the very negative ones. We don’t want that negativity to just sit in our hearts and consume us.