Suggestion for youth activity this graduation month?

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Suggestion for youth activity this graduation month?

hi can anyone suggest me a youth activity/idea for this month. i will be a grate help. thank you in advance. God bless!!

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Hi there! In our school, we always have a mass celebration or a gathering most especially after school events. It would be nice for the students to have a reflection on whatever they have learned spiritually and mentally in school, bot just academics. Since they will embark on a new journey after graduation, it would be nice to give thanks to the Lord. We always give thanks and ask the Lord for guidance as we go on the next chapter of our lives.

@kianna thank you.

Hello @abiwaiting4you! During my school days, before commemorating the recognition day we have this so called camping activity in school wherein we have to stay a night in school for some fun activities. In the morning we assemble as early as 6am and pray the Holy rosary before starting the program.

The program entails the following:
-Grouping yourselves with the other school levels and get to know your team (example: 1st year to 4th year students)
-team building activities (games and more)

In the afternoon, we often have quiz bees or search for Mr.and Ms.2020…By 5pm, we have to prepare our dinner, wherein as a team again we will cook our own viand and eat together.

In the evening we will form a circle per section and light the bonfire while having an open forum. We are given a chance to say sorry to our teachers, classmates whom we offended to, and say thank you to all. By merely 10pm lights off and the following day we will go home refreshed!

thanks for you suggestions guys. it real helps. God bless!