Sunday Christian?

Sunday Christian?

Walk with God

Everyday is not a Sabbath God said, Remember the Sabbath to keep it holy 6 days you shall do all your work But on the 7th day, you shall rest and keep holy, for I am your God is holy

Eli Paul

Sunday Christian’s aren’t.

Kathleen Sharkey

Sad thing alot of people aren’t even Sunday Christian’s . Too busy to go to church…

DonVickie Hainey

The 1st day of the week sun god worship sunday is the mark of the beast. The roman catholic papal religious system is the Babylonian antichrist beast power of REVELATION 13. The roman catholic papal religious system openly admit to changing the ONE TRUE ETERNAL LIVING MOST HIGH GOD the FATHER and HIS ONLY BEGOTTEN SON and THEIR CREATED HOLY SANCTIFIED SEVENTH DAY SABBATH to the man made roman catholic papal religious system 1st day of the week sun god worship sunday. The official title of the pope is vicar of the son of god which translates to the Latin vicarius filii dei and in roman numerals adds up to 666.

Darryn Marsden

We have a lot of Sunday Christians and Saturday Christians now a days (so called Christians). This is very dangerous according to Matt. 7:7.

Anthoney Christopher

and Monday ,Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday

Catherine Hastings Davidson

I can’t speak for Christians but I do know God is working in their life just as he works in ours. From my understanding God calls us to encourage our brothers and sisters in Christ and pray for them.

Christopher Kaip

Nothing wrong with going to church. Do you go to church?

Cecilia Cardwell

Unfortunately there are plenty who are only Christians inside the church.

Thomas Aldredge

Colossians 2:16Let no man therefore judge you in meat or in drink or in respect an holy day (a sabbath) are of the new moon or of the sabbath day(don’t let them judge you especially if you are one of God’s elect .your chosen)It doesn’t matter if it’s Saturday or Sunday Monday or Wednesday that has nothing to do with serving God we should be serving God every single day so if people choose to gather together on a Sunday or Saturday or any other day it’s just a regular day people have to get up out the flesh it’s not about a day it’s about what you give to God you could do it on a Tuesday makes no difference we have to learn the difference between ordinances statutes and laws

Sheryl Sheryl

Yes…also Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday and Saturday

Vaughn Dodridge