Super Bowl MVP Nick Foles gave all the Glory to God. How do you feel?

Super Bowl MVP Nick Foles gave all the Glory to God. How do you feel?

when Foles was awarded the MVP live on NBC, he refused to bask in the glory himself.

“All glory to God” were the first words out of his mouth, while he held his 7-month old baby.

Foles wasn’t the only one to point the attention to God. Eagles coach Doug Pederson and tight end Zach Ertz did the same thing at the very beginning of their interviews.

It’s great to see so much attention directed toward God on America’s biggest sports night.

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Oh yes praise Jesus hallelujah hallelujah praise praise lord Jesus Christ glory glory lord jesus hallelujah hallelujah

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Amen :hugs::hugs::hugs:

I enjoy reading so much about the eagels. Wings as eagles

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I love that he gave praise to our Lord and all the glory goes to our Lord Jesus Christ always

All Glory, Honor and Praises belongs to GOD! :heart:

I doubt God cares who wins a football game, especially since he already knows.:sweat_smile:

I’m sure you are right that God doesn’t care who won the game but I will never doubt his love for each of the players and for them to give him the GLORY is what life is all about! We are NOTHING without him!

I was so proud of Nick.

Just as what Nick Foles said, All Glory to God!!

Proud for them! Many people said, God doesn’t care who wins the super bowl. But, I think God cares their life in God, as a Christion, we should honor our God.

So Amazing! Through them, people can see the glory of God!